Moeller 12 Gallon Fuel Tank (High)


Item Number: 630012LP

Manufacturer Part No: 630012LP


Moeller 12 Gallon Fuel Tank (High)

22.75″ L, 14″ W, 13.95″ H
Made in the U.S.A
*EPA/CARB approved low permeation fuel tank.
*Seamless, one piece polyethylene tank shell construction.
*90 Degree fuel withdrawal gauge assembly rotates 360 degrees to reduce fuel line kinks.
*Advanced styling/ highly functional design.
*Reserve fuel area designed into the tank.
*Ideal for storage in transom well or in other small areas.
*Meets ABYC-H25 requirments.

Additional information

Weight 11.60 lbs
Dimensions 23.75 × 14.5 × 15 in


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