DF-237-M1 Dual Flex Marine Engine Mount


Item Number: DF-237-M1

Manufacturer Part No: DF-237-M1




 The (“Dual Flex”) DF-236-M1 Series of heavy duty mountings is designed principally for diesel engines in the 1,100 – 2,200 lb. range. Base casting features heavy duty aluminum alloy construction, with lip incorporated in the top of the casting to resist the upward pull of the engine – coated black to resist corrosion. Durable oil and fuel resistant elastomer element. Low profile mount – requires only 2 5/8” minimum clearance from casting base to top of leveling nut. Fail safe design – bottom pad prevents excessive impact. Easy installation with 3/4” threaded stud for vertical height and slotted casting for horizontal adjustment. Mounts come complete – furnished with three nuts: leveling, locking and secondary lock. Aluminum base casting with 1/2” slotted holes for 1/2” bolts or lag screws. All steel parts are zinc dichromate plated for corrosion resistance. Available in three size ratings (shown below)
DF-236-M1  Engine Weighing 1,100# to 1,500#
DF-237-M1  Engine Weighing 1,500# to 1,800#
DF-238-M1  Engine Weighing 1,800# to 2,200#

Additional information

Weight 2.390 lbs
Dimensions 6.38 × 3.25 × 5.25 in


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