Floating Man Over Board Strobe Light


Item Number: 205102

Manufacturer Part No: WL-1



Crew overboard!  At night.  You’ve thrown the horseshoe and dropped the MOB Pole, and now you have to find her.

And there’s your WL-1 LED Strobe, flashing away, visible for miles. And it keeps flashing for a week.  You can find your MOB with Forespar™.

Meeting or exceeding Coast Guard regulation, the ML-1 uses a standard 6v battery, and activates automatically simply by inverting to float when it hits the water.  Usually used with our OP-120 crew overboard pole, the strobe flashes at speed for over 52 hours, and continues to flash at least once every two seconds after seven days.

If you’re on ocean, a lake or river at night, this is one of the safety tools that can save a life (and has!).  Don’t go out without one.

The ML-1 is 11-1.2″ long, 4″ in diameter, and comes with a quick-release mounting bracket.

Additional information

Weight 1.86 lbs
Dimensions 11.75 × 4.5 × 4.5 in


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