Perko Battery Selector Switch (8511DP)


Item Number: 8511DP



Perko 8511 Series compact battery selector switches use the same traditional Perko bolt pattern as the 8501 Series but with a smaller footprint. This makes for easy installation. These switches can be mounted in numerous locations & positions. And as ignition protected switches, they can be installed in the engine rooms of gasoline powered boats.

In addition to doing everything a battery disconnect switch does, battery selector switches permit battery selection (of two or more batteries) for specific purposes including starting engines, running accessories or even recharging. They allow for the use of one or more batteries in systems with one or more engines and facilitate putting batteries in parallel for emergency starting when one or both batteries are substantially discharged. Perko battery switches are designed for surface mounting. Standard duty switches have bright red polycarbonate reinforced housings for safety with large easy-to-turn black knobs. Selector switches are designed with a “make before break” feature. This allows switching between the “1”, the “ALL” and the “2” positions while the engine is running. Versions of the 8511 Series switches offer additional features such as alternator disconnect and key lock security.

Four removable skirt panels allow for easy cable connection from different directions. High conductivity studs are long enough to handle more than 1 cable and strong enough for torque needed for secure connections.

Like all Perko products, these time-proven switches are made in the USA.

6, 12, 24, or 32 Volt Systems.

315 Amps Continuous

450 Amps Intermittent

Item Number: 8511DP

Additional information

Weight .95 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 3 in


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