Seastar Dual Lever Controls / Single Action (Made in the USA)


Manufacturer: Seastar

Manufacturer Part No: CH5200P


CH5200P Twin S Control

CH5200 Series model “S” provides remote control operation of throttle or clutch of a gasoline or diesel inboard engine equipped with a hydraulic transmission. The “Twin S” can control both throttle and clutch of a single engine. Dual station control from both the cabin and the bridge is  obtained by using “S” or “Twin S” controls connected in tandem or parallel. SeaStar Solutions 3300/33C Xtreme cables are recommended in dual station installations for best results. These controls can be used in combination for any desired grouping of the clutch and throttle functions.

Heavy-duty chrome-brass cover
Twin station capable
Use 33 or 43 series universal cables

Additional information

Weight 6.61 lbs
Dimensions 14.25 × 6 × 5.5 in


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