Teleflex Seal Kit HS5184


Item Number: HS-5184


All brass cylinders seal kit HS5184 for BA200-7 TM, TMB and TMC Included: 1 Wiper Ring 64322 1 Wiper Ring 588621 2 Quad Ring 2 U-cup 588625 2 U-cup 2 O-ring 2 Retaining Ring 1 Molded End Cap Before replacing seals, check the shaft surface carefully for any indication of damage: such as, scratches, burrs, dents, dings or pitting. If there is any indication of damage to the shaft, the cylinder will have to be replaced. DO NOT install replacement seals on a hydraulic steering cylinder shaft that has been damaged.

Additional information

Weight .14 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in


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